Former President Bill Clinton is preparing to release a memoir titled “Citizen: My Life After the White House,” which is expected to delve into various aspects of his life post-presidency. The book will touch upon topics such as his wife’s presidential campaigns, his perspectives on significant events like the Jan. 6 insurrection and the Iraq War.

Despite attempting to portray himself as an ordinary American citizen, it is evident to many that Clinton has remained actively engaged in politics since leaving office, contradicting the notion of being a regular citizen. Clinton has shared a statement about the upcoming publication of his memoir, scheduled for release in November following the next election.

Clinton’s statement reads:

“I knew as I entered this new chapter of my life that I’d keep score the way I always have: Are people better off when you quit than when you started?

“Do our children have a brighter future?

“Are we coming together instead of falling apart?”

He added, “‘Citizen’ is the story of my 23-plus years since leaving the White House, told largely through the stories of other people who changed my life as I tried to help change theirs, of those who supported me, including those I loved and lost, and of the mistakes I made along the way.”

Numerous articles extensively discuss Clinton’s activities post-White House, indicating that he is far from being just a “citizen”. He has been actively engaged in various ways behind the scenes, likely more than what is publicly known.

Clinton regularly provides career guidance to fellow party members. According to the AP report, the publisher declined to verify if Clinton addressed Jeffrey Epstein in his writing.

Clinton has accompanied Epstein on multiple trips and has been named by numerous victims. Witnesses have testified to seeing Clinton on Epstein’s infamous “Pedophile Island”.

Unsurprisingly, the publisher chose not to respond to that inquiry.

Social media users were quick to jump: