President Joe Biden was discovered on Monday with a set of guidelines as he held a meeting in the Oval Office with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’a Al-Sudani. This incident adds to a series of occurrences where Biden is directed on where to position himself and what to say, resulting in him being labeled as “commander-in-cheat” by the New York Post.

According to the Post’s report, Biden frequently referred to his script to ensure he conveyed the appropriate message regarding the Iran’s attack on Israel, and also to allow time for an interpreter to translate his words.

“As you know, Iran launched an unprecedented aerial attack against Israel, and we mounted an unprecedented military effort to defend Israel. Together with our partners, we defeated that attack,” Biden said, according to the White House.

“We’re also committed to the security of our personnel and partners in the region, including Iraq. The partnership between Iraq and the United States is critical. We’ve seen over the last decade as our troops have served side by side to help defeat ISIS, and we’ve seen this in our Strategic Framework Agreement as well,” Biden said.