(CBrief) – Twitter CEO Elon Musk shot down what he said was fake news by former presidential candidate and liberal Ralph Nader.

Nader accused Musk of being a “corporate welfare queen” who had a government grant to assist him in starting Tesla.

“Musk (@elonmusk) started Tesla with a huge U.S. government welfare grant. He has taken taxpayers to the cleaners for his factories and for Starlink. He is a gigantic corporate welfare king masquerading as a capitalist businessman,” Nader said.

Musk responded by saying that Nader was incorrect and that near all of the funding for Tesla came from cash he made on PayPal.

“Ralph Nader, you are lying – shame on you! I personally provided almost all Tesla funding, based on my proceeds from PayPal, from Series A in 2004 until Series C in 2007. In late 2008, I gave Tesla the last money I had. It was that or the company would have died. We closed that funding round at 6pm on Christmas Eve. If we had not closed that round, Tesla would have gone bankrupt 2 days after Christmas. I gave my last money thinking Tesla would probably still die, not thinking that it would be lucrative,” he said.

Musk has been on a roll recently attacking people for spreading what he called fake news.

Musk is hitting back at the media and accusing them of falsely reporting the idea that he is boosting his own tweets on the microblogging website.

“Several major media sources incorrectly reported that my Tweets were boosted above normal levels earlier this week,” the CEO said on Friday. “A review of my Tweet likes & views over the past 6 months, especially as a ratio of followers, shows this to be false.”

“We did have a bug that briefly caused replies to have the same prominence as primary Tweets, but that has now been fixed,” he said.

“For example, despite having ~40M fewer followers back then, I have yet to come anywhere close to this gem,” he said with a photo of the analytics on a tweet in which he quipped that he was going to purchase Coca-Cola.