(CBrief) – A federal judge in San Francisco has handed Twitter CEO Elon Musk a victory in a legal battle with former employees of the platform. U.S. District Judge James Donato ordered the ex-staffers to drop their class-action lawsuit against Musk and pursue any claims against him through arbitration.

According to reports, the former employees accused Musk and Twitter of failing to give them adequate notice before they were laid off after the billionaire Tesla and SpaceX CEO purchased the platform.

After the ruling, attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan, who represented the plaintiffs, said, “Insisting that workers file claims one by one has backfired for many companies our firm has taken on.”

“These companies think they can make employees just go away and not assert their rights by using arbitration clauses, but we have made them sorry about what they wished for,” she added.

“We anticipated this and that’s why we have already filed 500 individual arbitration demands – and counting. This is not a win for @elonmusk. Twitter still has to answer claims in court, on top of the arbitration battles,” she tweeted.