(TStarnes) – It turns out that America’s younger generation are not so keen on surrendering their bathrooms to the transgender movement.

A group of middle school boys reportedly tossed a feminine hygiene dispenser into the toilet at Lakeridge High School in Oswego, Oregon. And it’s not the first time.

School leaders sent a letter to parents complaining that students were rebelling against “gender neutral bathrooms.”

“In the last weeks, we have been combating vandalism in the boy’s bathrooms. Students have been taking the tampon dispensers down and placing them inside the toilets. We would like your help in stopping this form of vandalism,” the letter read.

Back in 2021 Oregon lawmakers created the Menstrual Dignity Act, legislation that requires schools to provide menstrual products in gender-neutral, male and female restrooms in all public schools – from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Social media is treating the bathroom revolutionaries as heroes.

“Not all heroes wear capes! Common sense is not dead! This gives me hope for the future,” one parent wrote. “This is a complete joke and a waste of education funds, which is on par for Oregon Democrats.”

It’s time to speak truth to the culture. Boys don’t menstruate and therefore have no need for tampon dispensers in their bathrooms.

That being said, Lakeridge’s principal might want to have a plumber on speed dial.