(CBrief) – Rep. Jim Jordan said on Saturday that there appears to be a “central theme” regarding his investigations into government malfeasance as his House Judiciary Committee’s probes into alleged FBI and Justice Department politicization continue.

“With all these things that we start to investigate, it seems to me that the central theme is — the only thing we get wrong is — it’s always worse than we thought,” Jordan said, adding that he hopes some Democrats will work with the GOP majority to root out corruption and hold leaders accountable, Fox News reported.

In a recent interview with Fox News Digital, the Ohio Republican detailed the various investigations currently being undertaken by the House Judiciary Committee and his Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government in the 118th Congress.

“We thought the government was pressuring Big Tech to do certain things on the Hunter Biden story, and then, the Twitter files come out, and we’re like, ‘Oh, it’s worse than we thought,’” Jordan said.

His committee is conducting an investigation into the alleged coordination between the FBI and prominent Big Tech firms, including Twitter. The investigation seeks to uncover the extent to which these entities collaborated to suppress coverage of Hunter Biden’s foreign business activities and the contents of his laptop just days before the 2020 presidential election.

“We thought that it was likely that COVID came from a lab and turns out, yep, it was,” Jordan said, in reference to the Energy Department and FBI Director Christopher Wray saying last week that the coronavirus likely originated from a lab leak in Wuhan.

“The whole Trump-Russia thing, we find out they knew the dossier was false but used it,” Jordan added.

“There are just examples after examples where it is actually worse than we initially assumed upon opening investigations,” Jordan added.

“You look at all of these things, and different agencies targeting the American people who they are supposed to serve — whether it is the CDC or the DOJ and FBI and social media companies taking down things and limiting speech,” Jordan explained. “And Democrats always seem to just move on.”

Last month, Jordan called out Democrats on the panel after a stunt regarding an important hearing that pertains to a critical issue of national importance, as he renewed a vow to conduct invasive probes into Joe and Hunter Biden and the FBI.

He lambasted Dems on the committee after they refused to attend a Yuma, Ariz., hearing on border security, even as millions of people have crossed illegally into the country and fentanyl being smuggled in from Mexico is killing tens of thousands of Americans annually.

House Democrats claimed “there was no consultation with Judiciary Democrats, many of whom have already committed to attending other bipartisan congressional delegation trips.”

“Instead of focusing on real solutions to a complicated problem, Judiciary Republicans will once again not hear from any federal government witnesses at their hearing, further cementing this hearing as a brazen act of political grandstanding,” Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) said. Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), added, “As a result, Democrats, who have been to the border regularly the last few years, will not attend next week’s performative hearing.”

But Jordan pushed back.

“It’s a shame that not one Democrat member of Congress would join us on this trip, despite having weeks of advance notice,” Jordan said. “It’s disappointing, but it’s not surprising.”

“I would argue it’s not a stunt,” he added. “My guess is our witnesses wouldn’t call it a stunt. What we’ve learned today from them, what we’ve seen last night on the border.”

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) called the Democrats’ decision to miss the hearing a “message of disrespect” to Americans.

According to Dr. Robert Trenschel from the Yuma Regional Medical Center, which has reportedly provided over $26 million in uncompensated care to migrants in one year: “It is an unsustainable model to have a hospital like ours bear the entire burden of paying for migrant health care. No business or service can survive ongoing large-scale expense without any offsetting revenue.”