(The Post Millennial) – On Thursday, an Iran state media outlet that frequently promotes anti-Israel sentiments promoted a clip of Vice President Kamala Harris praising a student who accused the US of funding an “ethnic genocide” against Palestinians carried out by Israel.

Press TV, an Iran state-affiliated media outlet, tweeted out an exchange between a George Mason student and Harris that occurred on Tuesday, in which the student called into question the US funding of Israel, according to Fox News.

“Student accuses US of funding ‘ethnic genocide’ by Israel in front of VP Harris,” the outlet wrote. “‘Americans are struggling because of a lack of healthcare, public health care, lack of affordable housing and all this money ends up going to Israel…’ the student said at an event on VOTING RIGHTS!”

“I see that over the summer there have been, like, protests and demonstrations in astronomical numbers standing with Palestine,” the student said. “Just a few days ago there were funds allocated to continue backing Israel, which hurts my heart because it’s ethnic genocide and displacement of people, the same that happened in America, and I’m sure you’re aware of this.”

The student noted that Americans are struggling with a lack of affordable healthcare and housing, and that these funds are instead going towards Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Harris said that she was “glad” that the student voiced her concerns, adding “And again, this is about the fact that your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth, should not be suppressed and it must be heard, right? And one of the things we’re fighting for in a democracy, right?”

According to Fox News, “Press TV frequently pushes anti-Israel propaganda on its outlet, recently expressing hopes that other Middle East countries would not normalize ties with its enemy.”

The outlet is a division of Iran’s Islamic Republic of Iran broadcasting, which controls television and broadcasting within the country.

The Anti-Defamation League has slammed the outlet for spreading “a wide range of pernicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theories as “news” to a worldwide audience.”