(CBrief) – Vice President Kamala Harris was ridiculed again over something she about Americans’ personal finances as the administration attempts to tout “Bidenomics” as helpful to most people.

During a moderated event on “reproductive rights” in Iowa on Saturday, Harris said that most Americans would go “bankrupt” if they had an unexpected expense of $400, alluding to the fact that a sizeable portion of the country can’t afford to save much money because they are spending what they earn just to get by.

“Harris spoke at length about how women in Iowa will endure economic hardship traveling to other states for a legal abortion post-Roe v. Wade if a court allows a state abortion bill to take effect,” Fox News reported.

She said: “If she is a single parent, she’s going to have to be able to pay for that childcare. She’s going to lose time for work. Maybe she has paid family leave. Maybe she doesn’t. Maybe she has paid sick leave. Maybe she doesn’t. She will have to be able to pay for a plane, train, bus, gas. Most Americans are a $400 unexpected expense away from bankruptcy.“

The comment was seized upon on social media by conservatives and other critics of the administration who pointed out that President Joe Biden’s economic policies — and those of Democrats when they controlled Congress for Biden’s first two years in office — were responsible for the increased costs Americans are paying for virtually everything.

“Yeah, that’s called Bidenomics and it’s a problem,” GOP presidential candidate Sen. Tim Scott said in response. “Americans have lost $10,000 in spending power because of the Biden-Harris agenda.”

“Thanks to you and your boss,” the Citizen Free Press “X” account added.

Bonchie from Red State added: “They’ve been in office 2.5 years.”

Actor Nick Searcy took another view: “And that is EXACTLY where @VP and @Joebiden want most Americans to be. They want you destitute and helpless so that your only chance at survival is government. Democrats want to increase dependency.”

Canary CEO and pundit Dan Eberhard tweeted: “Even Kamala Harris thinks Bidenomics is a complete and utter failure!”

Harris’s statement likely alluded to a 2022 Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households survey published this year, revealing that approximately 40% of Americans do not have enough savings to handle a $400 emergency expense, Fox News noted. They would need to resort to using credit cards or borrowing money to meet the expense.

Liz Peek noted in a column at The Hill that rising energy prices, especially gasoline, are going to “torpedo Bidenomics.”

“More bad news for President Biden: Prices at the pump are heading higher again — and this time he cannot look to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to bail him out,” she wrote in a column published on Friday.

“Biden’s hopes of a second term are threatened not only by his unpopularity and increasing allegations of corruption; it is also in peril thanks to rising gasoline prices. Voters will see higher prices at the pump as the clearest signal yet that Bidenomics does not work for them, and they will hold the president responsible,” she said.

Typically, when oil prices rise, so do prices for just about everything since oil and oil-derived products are using in manufacturing, transport, and other industries, including agricultural production.

“Thanks to Biden’s ongoing war on fossil fuels, U.S. production, which historically might have offset those cuts, has not recovered to its pre-pandemic level,” Peek noted.

Last week, NewsNation reported that “the economy” — which includes Americans’ personal finances — is the number issue for voters heading into the 2024 election cycle.

“Given a list of eight issues, 31% of registered voters say the economy is the most important to them in deciding who to vote for in the presidential election, the survey results show. Preserving democracy in the United States was important among 29% of registered voters,” the outlet said.