(Maga Institute) – Foreign policy issues aren’t important to most Americans until something of major consequence occurs, like what is happening in Eastern Europe currently. Now that it has occurred, keep your eye on the South China Sea. With the USA being distracted in Ukraine, Taiwan’s vulnerability to China’s CCP could escalate to open conflict rapidly. If it does, since we have a mutual defense treaty with Taiwan, the USA will be required to respond militarily.

To lead us in these perilous times, what do we have? We have a cognitively-challenged President and a Vice President chosen because she is a black woman. At least, she looks like a black woman but, like so many other things concerning this administration, what you see isn’t what is real. Kamala’s isn’t ethnically black at all. She half East Indian and half Bahamian. Nevertheless, she was chosen for her identity rather than her actual ability to do the job.

When the crisis in Ukraine escalated, Biden sent Kamala to put a lid on things, which she was incapable of doing. Putin ate her lunch. Responding to her diplomatic efforts, Kamala released this nonsense. “We are looking at a moment that is a very decisive moment on one of the bases for the Munich Security Conference and certainly one of the founding reasons for NATO, which is European security and the connection and alliance between Europe and the United States. It was important in that, as you all know, this is a moment that is very dynamic. If not every hour, certainly every day, there seem to be new moments of interest and also of intelligence.”

It’s gibberish, pure garbage. In international politics, words mean everything. For example, during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, President Kennedy said that there would be a “Quarantine” for all ships heading to Cuba, which was aimed at stopping Soviet missiles from being deployed ninety miles from the USA. He didn’t use the word “Blockade,” even though this was what it was. He chose a different word because establishing a blockade is an act of war, which would have required a military response from the Soviet Union. Since we didn’t want a thermonuclear war with the Soviets, this nuance proved to be effective and war was diverted.

This is how important even one word can be, which Kamala should know, but she doesn’t—being as incompetent as she is. Now, as events rapidly escalate toward a war with both Russia and China, what is our position? Is it even discernable? We have a statement from Kamala that is not even understandable.

Nevertheless, not all is lost. At least, we do have our first black, female Vice President. That she is incompetent, just like Biden is, is irrelevant in the era of Woke international politics.

If we survive the Biden-Harris fiasco, which we might not, we must fight for election integrity so that we will never again have out President chosen by those who count the votes, rather than by the electorate itself.