An MSNBC panel expressed concern over President Joe Biden’s declining approval ratings. A growing number of Americans from across the political spectrum are attributing these ratings to the impact of his policies on persistent inflation, which has resulted in elevated prices for essential commodities like food and gasoline and is affecting the broader U.S. economy.

“Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough expressed shock at the “unbelievable” polls, adding that Republicans were “absolutely bashing” Democrats when it comes to such crucial voter issues.

“In fact, Gallup had a poll a few days ago, where they reported the largest gap between Republicans and Democrats since they started taking these polls,” he noted.

MSNBC analyst and “Way Too Early” host Jonathan Lemire responded by saying that the polls should be “big warning signs” for Biden and the Democratic Party in general.

Fox News added:

He pointed to a Marquette University poll out this week which found former President Donald Trump had a 23- to 24-point lead with voters on handling inflation, the economy and the border. Trump also held a 19-point lead over President Biden in voters’ confidence in the candidate creating jobs.

These are “huge, huge numbers,” Lemire admitted. While Democrats held clear leads on climate change and abortion, elections are often decided on the economy, he argued. “These are big warning signs here,” he said.

Even swing state voters who heavily disliked the former president “really disapprove” of how the Biden administration has handled the economy, Lemire added. However, the White House believes that narrative will change in the coming year, he said.

Scarborough continued to cast doubt on the effectiveness of the administration’s “Bidenomics” messaging, citing the available polling data.

“It’s not working. You can’t convince people the economy’s going great when they don’t feel like the economy’s going great, even though our economy is going a hell of a lot better than any other country’s,” he said.

Lemire concurred, emphasizing that the White House’s messaging hadn’t proven effective with voters, and this was further underscored by the declining poll numbers for Biden. In addition to the hard data, he noted that voters often base their decisions on perception. He highlighted the fact that the Biden administration had decided to resume border wall construction along a portion of the Mexico border.

“It is a nod that that’s a vulnerability, too,” Lemire said. “Even with Trump, this is going to be very, very close, and they are warning signs for the White House.”

Fox News also reported: “The Gallup poll, also released this week, found 53% of Americans trusted Republicans to do a better job at keeping the country prosperous, while 39% of Americans chose the Democratic Party. The gap widened even further when Americans were asked who they trusted to protect the country from international terrorism and military threats: 57% chose Republicans, while 35% favored Democrats.”

A survey released earlier this month showed the likely 2024 GOP nominee, former President Donald Trump, blowing past Biden on key issues like the economy.

“A new Marquette Law School Poll national survey finds a close presidential race: former President Donald Trump receives 51% and President Joe Biden gets 48% among registered voters, while Biden has a 51% advantage over Trump’s 49% among likely voters—those who say they are certain they will vote in the presidential election,” the survey said.

Nonetheless, Trump demonstrates strength in different aspects, such as voter enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Biden’s policies are significantly impeding his potential for improvement in the polls.

Per the Interactive Polls account on the “X” platform, here is a summary of the polling results:

Marquette Poll: Who would handle the following issues better?

The Economy: Trump 52% (+24) Biden 28%

Border Security: Trump 52% (+24) Biden 28%

Inflation: Trump 50% (+23) Biden 27%

Creating Jobs: Trump 49% (+19) Biden 30%

Foreign Relations Trump 43% (+5) Biden 38%

Medicare and SSA Biden 39% (+2) Trump 37%

Abortion policy Biden 43% (+9) Trump 34%

Climate change Biden 44% (+20) Trump 24%