(The Post Millennial) – Newsweek issued a correction after suggesting that Charlie Kirk had compared Kyle Rittenhouse to Jesus Christ.

Kyle Rittenhouse has turned into somewhat of a celebrity in the eyes of many conservatives, with his acquittal earlier in the month leading to a stampede of politicians and pundits hoping for an interview.

A guest of honor at the recent Americafest, Rittenhouse was given the chance to speak with Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk. Following the discussion, Kirk was interviewed by Christian television network, Victory Channel. During the interview, Kirk described the Rittenhouse saga through a religious lens, at one point calling his acquittal “a win for due process” and “presumption of guilt,” adding that these are “all Biblical values.”

“Plenty of people were wrongfully accused all throughout the Bible,” Kirk later said, “especially the Old Testament, including Jesus Christ himself.”
Newsweek jumped on the story, claiming that Kirk had compared Rittenhouse to Jesus Christ.

At the time of writing, the article’s URL has not been changed, still suggesting that Kirk compared Rittenhouse to Jesus.