(The Post Millennial) – The Wall Street Journal’s Jeff Horowitz went on NBC’s “Meet the Press” to talk about Facebook’s recent negative publicity.

“So, we have heard that they actually have taken pretty much all their researchers and basically blamed them for [their recent negative publicity.]”

“It’s a very weird mentality over there. They have been kinda throwing those people under the bus, the people that they asked to understand the platform’s role in the world, and that’s a very kind of aggressive thing for them.”

“I think the memo that Nick Clegg [Facebook’s Vice President for Global Affairs and Communications] sent out internally is kind of remarkable. You are basically telling your own staff that your company ‘can’t be blamed as the primary cause’ – that was the language – for polarization in America.”

“And, that, you know, everyone should be proud to work there. But, nonetheless, it does feel like a pretty remarkable couple of weeks for them internally.

Horowitz, as part of his duties with the WSJ, has been engaged in a deep investigation into Facebook. This Sept. 13 article, for example, shows some of his findings.

Horowitz has been bringing evidence to light that Facebook, among many other things, had an egregious double standard, where various high-profile accounts were given special protection from scrutiny and negative actions being taken against them.

According to the article, millions of users were “blessed” by this part of the algorithm, in some cases allowing actually unlawful harassment or incitement to violence to pass unchecked. This was going on even as the Biden administration was asking social media to engage in even more censorship of the general public.