A fresh witness has emerged and is prepared to provide testimony against Fani Willis, the Democrat Fulton County District Attorney in Georgia. This development arises as the beleaguered prosecutor faces potential disqualification in her case against President Donald Trump. David Shafer, one of the individuals charged with Trump, submitted a motion that outlines the proposed testimony of Cindi Lee Yeager, a prosecutor from Cobb County.

Yeager states that she was informed by another witness, Terrence Bradley, that Willis initiated an affair with prosecutor Nathan Wade in 2019. Bradley happens to be Wade’s former divorce lawyer. After observing Bradley’s court testimony, in which he denied any knowledge of Wade’s affair, Yeager became “concerned.”

The court motion states that Bradley’s testimony contradicted what he had personally disclosed to Yeager.

According to Yeager, Bradley confirmed that Wade “definitively began a romantic relationship with Ms. Willis” during the period when Willis was campaigning for District Attorney in 2019 through 2020. Furthermore, Yeager alleges that she overheard a phone conversation in which Willis cautioned Bradley to remain silent about the affair.

Yeager alleges that Willis said:

“They are coming after us.

“You don’t need to talk to them about anything about us.”

Bradley had extensive communications with a lawyer representing Trump. During their discussions, he talked about the specifics of Wade’s affair, such as when and where it started.

However, while testifying, Bradley was evasive and disregarded his own messages as mere “speculation.” The court listened to closing arguments on Friday following several days of intense testimony, including a passionate performance from Willis herself. Willis and Wade have confessed to their affair, asserting that it does not disqualify them and that Willis reimbursed Wade – in cash – for the extravagant vacations they shared.

Another witness, Robin Yeartie, informed the court that Willis and Wade were romantically involved as early as 2019. Both Willis and Wade have acknowledged meeting at a judicial conference in 2019, but they claim their relationship was initially professional and only turned romantic years later.

As per Yeager, Bradley mentioned that Willis and Wade “met during the 2019 Municipal Court Continuing Legal Education Conference” and started a relationship “around this time.” Defense attorneys have obtained phone records showing that Willis and Wade exchanged texts and calls in the evenings before Wade was hired to work on the Trump case. Wade visited Willis’ condo 35 times.

The judge is anticipated to make a decision soon on whether Willis should be disqualified.