The congresswoman representing New York City’s district, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has faced criticism from residents for her strong focus on climate change while neglecting the pressing issue of an overwhelming illegal migrant crisis. In the Queens neighborhood of NYC, AOC’s constituents are expressing their frustration over the surge in illegal aliens and the increase in crime. They feel betrayed by the celebrity Democrat, accusing her of abandoning the very people who elected her to the House of Representatives.

Rachel Campos-Duffy, co-host of “Fox & Friends Weekend,” recently met with residents in Jackson Heights, located in the heart of AOC’s district. During her visit, she discussed with local voters the effects of illegal immigration and crime on their community.

“Things have just really gone into overdrive,” Campos-Duffy told “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy on Wednesday.

“It’s unbearable they say.

“The other thing is just this giant disconnect between what AOC cares about … and what they as a community care about.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s constituents contend that the congresswoman is preoccupied with global matters, neglecting their local issues.

“You see AOC obsessed with climate change,” Campos-Duffy explained.

“They just want the trash… from these illegal vendors…that’s piling up, cleaned up.

“They’re worried about the public urination by these vendors even in front of children.”

The Jackson Heights community has been grappling with the presence of unauthorized flea markets in the area. This has significantly affected small businesses that are struggling to keep up with the extremely low prices offered on the streets. Additionally, the rise in criminal activities in the neighborhood has become a major concern, with incidents of “murders” and “robberies” increasing at an alarming rate, causing fear among residents for their safety.

“There’s so much immigration,” one resident said.

“There’s so many Venezuelans, Ecuadorians, Mexicans that crossed over… due to Biden.”

The resident mentioned an increase in crime in the vicinity. Campos-Duffy served as an interpreter for numerous Spanish-speaking individuals in the district. Several residents expressed feeling unsafe in their neighborhood as of late and are eager for improvements.

“After 7 p.m…. You cannot walk around here,” one woman told Campos-Duffy.

“I feel very unsafe, truly,” another woman said.

“I’ve had three times someone try to assault me, try to pull… my gold chain.”

“Brick-and-mortar businesses are suffering a lot,” Ramses Frias, a former Democrat who is running for State Assembly District 39, said.

“We have a lot of closed doors, a lot of businesses that are just closing every single day because they can’t compete with the prices of… the street vendors outside are giving everyone.”

Frias has produced a video illustrating the decline of the community in the 14th Congressional District, now resembling a bustling flea market with garbage littering the streets. The situation has resulted in scenes reminiscent of third-world countries, characterized by unsanitary and unpleasant conditions. AOC responded to the video by attributing the crisis to “anti-immigrant policies.”

The congresswoman said:

“What we are seeing here is the result of anti-immigrant policies that deny immigrants proper work permits and vending licenses, and drive them into the shadows of undignified conditions.

“This is just one way of many that anti-immigrant policies hurt all of us.

“Paths to citizenship and work documentation can solve this problem – but Republicans would rather block those so they can film people in their worst moments for views.”

Nevertheless, the problem at hand pertains to undocumented individuals, not lawful immigrants, overwhelming the city and has no connection to the policies of the Republican party. According to reports from residents, local businesses are experiencing adverse effects due to the surge of illegal migrants and the subsequent increase in criminal activities.

Numerous establishments have been compelled to cease operations earlier than usual. Conversely, some businesses have been compelled to permanently shut down.

“We take pride in our place,” one woman said.

“We work really hard.

“We are immigrants who came here for the right reasons to work, and we just wish that those who aren’t complying with the law would be held accountable.”

Campos-Duffy inquired the electorate about the message they wished to convey to AOC amidst the prevailing difficulties on urban thoroughfares.

“We would ask her to do her job of taking care of this neighborhood,” one resident said.

“She is never here,” one woman told Campos-Duffy.

“I was a volunteer for her. She completely abandoned our community.

“I hope that she sees this interview because we all helped her get elected.

“She said she only cares about Washington and her money.

“Nobody loves her here anymore.”

Campos-Duffy made an effort to visit AOC’s office, yet she was unable to locate her presence. She was informed that the congresswoman is available solely on one day of the week as it functions as a “satellite office.”

“This is a total disconnect between what AOC, who is rarely ever there, is ensconced in her… penthouse in Washington, D.C., and what the people of this community care about,” Campos-Duffy said.

“They say the conditions are simply unlivable.

“It’s dangerous, and they want something to change.”