Nancy Pelosi’s recent interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell sparked attention due to her comments. The former Speaker of the House mentioned that she had not yet spoken to President Biden after the debate, shifting the focus to former President Trump and the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on presidential immunity. Pelosi expressed concerns about the potential for an “imperial presidency” as a result of the ruling. She also addressed questions about Biden’s mental fitness, stating that it is common for candidates’ abilities to be questioned.

During the interview, Mitchell pressed Pelosi on the issue of fitness and suggested that if Trump posed a significant threat to democracy, the Democrats should present a strong nominee. Mitchell also inquired about whether Biden should be more transparent with voters regarding his mental state. Pelosi defended the President’s policy work and achievements but did not offer unwavering support.

She acknowledged that Biden had a rough night and raised the question of whether his behavior was an isolated incident or a recurring issue. Pelosi then shifted the focus back to Trump, questioning his mental sharpness and the challenges of debating someone who spreads falsehoods. Mitchell countered by suggesting that Biden should have been better prepared to address the alleged lies.

“There’s no fact checking in real-time,” Pelosi argued.

Pelosi refrained from giving unequivocal approval of Biden’s mental state, acknowledging that it is a matter of concern for donors and a valid question for voters to raise. This marks a notable shift from Pelosi’s previous statements regarding President Biden’s cognitive abilities.

She has staunchly supported the president on numerous occasions, even describing him as “very sharp,” “younger than I am,” and “always on the ball” during an interview with Anderson Cooper last February. A spokesperson for Pelosi has since responded to the MSNBC interview, affirming that the former Speaker “has complete confidence in President Biden and eagerly anticipates attending his inauguration on January 20, 2025.”