(The Post Millennial) – Incredible video just released on Saturday shows hundreds of people at a time slowly wading across the Rio Grande from the Mexican side to the US side of the river, with no authorities whatsoever in sight.

The person recording the video states, “Hi guys, what you’re looking at right now, that is the US side of the Rio Grande. That is a mass of several hundred illegal immigrants who have just crossed the Rio Grande.” Meanwhile, the camera pans to the crowd of people, most of them just hanging out on the US side after having crossed.

“And, look at this,” the narrator continues as the camera pans right to show the long line of migrants wading their way across the river toward US territory.

“Several hundred more streaming across as we speak. We are on a boat in the Rio Grande,” the man continues as the camera continues panning to show the other side of the border. “This is the Mexican side of the river right now.”

“You can see it’s a never-ending stream. Hundreds of people crossing the Rio Grande, basically every hour. And they’re heading to the International Bridge, which you can see in the background.”

Indeed, the International Bridge is visible in parts of the video, meaning that the crossing, despite no official vigilance whatsoever, is close to the cities of Eagle Pass Texas and Piedras Negras Nuevo Leon on their respective sides of the border.

“Look at that mass of people,” states the narrator, as the camera once again focuses on the American side.

“This is why the situation at the bridge continues to deteriorate. This is insane; the federal government has to wake up.”