(TPM) – Steve Bannon has been announced as keynote speaker for the upcoming CPAC conference in Dallas this August. American Conservative Union Chair Matt Schlapp appeared on Bannon’s War Room on Friday and made the announcement.

The two discussed CPAC’s events, including a recent conference in Hungary, as well as upcoming events in Florida and Texas. “Because freedom still lives there,” he said. Schlapp spoke about the international CPAC’s, and the need to support “freedom loving” leaders globally.

“It’s not just economics,” Schlapp said of the Texas and Florida locations, “it’s also about redoing our political map. And that’s why, Steve, I’d like to say it’s awfully important for you to be at CPAC in Dallas.”

“Well I gotta tell you,” Bannon said, “I’m honored. We’re going to take this show on the road.” The plan is for the War Room team to do shows before, during and after the events in Dallas.

This will be CPAC’s second year in Dallas. The convention, which used to be in Washington, DC, moved to Florida during the pandemic as Covid requirements in DC would have prevented the large gathering from moving forward. Since then, CPAC has opened up to Dallas events, as well.

The movement of the convention, too, represents a shift away from DC and northeast centered politics to opening up to a broader movement of American conservatism.