(TPM) – Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was roasted on Twitter on Saturday for posting a picture of herself, masked, and reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” in a Texas bookstore.

“In Texas, reading any damn book I choose,” Lightfoot posted on Sunday. “No banning of books or thought. Ever.”

She’s posing near a bookstore sign that reads “Caution: Banned books.”

“To Kill a Mockingbird,” was banned from schools in Burbank, California, following allegations from four parents — three of whom were black — that the book poses potential harm to the district’s roughly 400 black students, according to Fox News.

Lightfoot’s tweet comes as Chicago Police Department were called in to clear Millennium Park, after a 16-year-old boy was killed after being shot in the chest at approximately 7:30 pm on Saturday.

Local news reported “Police said hundreds of young people were at Millennium Park Saturday night and began flooding surrounding streets. Officers were called in to clear the park.”

According to local reports, police officers and locals were pelted with items by rioters at the scene. Crowds could be seen on video throwing items including chairs at passing civilian vehicles.

“Are you sure you’re not in Gavin Newsom’s California?” radio host Larry O’Connor chirped at Lightfoot.

Daily Wire investigative reporter Luke Rosi responded that, according to Barack Obama, it’s easier for a kid to get a gun than a book in Chicago.

“Yep, Red states rock,” wrote Dr. Nan Hayworth, a former Republican Congresswoman from New York.