(The Post Millennial) – Townhall’s Julio Rosas tweeted on Thursday that he was able to speak with migrants from Uzbekistan who had managed to cross the border illegally at Yuma Arizona.

Rosas has been reporting from the US/Mexico border crossing at Yuma Arizona, as he indicates in the text of his tweets:

“On the ground in Yuma Arizona. While Border Patrol was processing a family of three who said they were from Venezuela, two adults and one minor walked up to the gap in the border wall. Yuma Police officer told me hundreds of immigrants are crossing into Yuma every day.”

It appears that the MO of most or all of these migrants is to simply cross the border without permission and turn themselves in to authorities right away. In many cases, it appears that they are released on nothing more than a promise to appear in court at a later date.

“Since sending the last tweet, another small group of illegal immigrants showed up to turn themselves in to Border Patrol. A group of around 30 people crossed into Yuma at another gap in the border wall in Yuma,” continues Rosas in his tweets.

The gap Rosas refers to in the border wall can be clearly seen in one of the photos he has posted.

Rosas further indicates that immigrants are coming from all over the world. In his short time of observance, there were people from Venezuela, Nicaragua, and even Uzbekistan, as opposed to the tens of thousands of Haitians who crossed over recently further east at Del Rio Texas.

“The reason why this area is a popular crossing spot is because the river is low by the dam. This group who said they’re from Nicaragua were led by a coyote. No Border Patrol was around at first due to lack of manpower, but a BP van came by shortly after they crossed.”

“This family that just crossed the Colorado River told me they’re from Uzbekistan, that’s a first one for me. Three adult males who illegally crossed into the US here in Yuma showed me their Uzbekistan passports. They turned themselves in to the BP agent who was by the gap in the border wall.”