(TPM) – Elon Musk has reportedly said that he intends to lift the Twitter ban on former President Donald Trump once the deal goes through.

“I would reverse the permanent ban,” Musk said. “I don’t own Twitter yet. So this is not like a thing that will definitely happen, because what if I don’t own Twitter?”

“Permanent bans should be extremely rare and really reserved for accounts that are bots, or scam, spam accounts… I do think it was not correct to ban Donald Trump,” Musk said at FT Live’s Future of the Car conference, according to CNBC.

Trump was banned by the social media platform in the wake of the riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Trump attempted to sue Twitter for access, but that was ineffective. Since then, Trump has been party to the creation o f a new social media platform, Truth Social, and has said that he had no intention of coming back to Twitter whether they let him back on or not.