(The Post Millennial) – Project Veritas chief of staff Eric Spracklen’s Twitter account—with almost 200,000 followers—was suspended Tuesday, just one day after Project Veritas released its latest and perhaps most scathing video about the once-heavily questioned but now-accepted lab-leak hypothesis of COVID-19.

The reason given for the Twitter suspension was “ban evasion,” due to the fact that Twitter had already suspended both Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, as well as the investigative outlet’s own account. Project Veritas can be found on GETTR.

It was on Monday that Project Veritas released documents from DARPA that showed that the NIH and the NIAID were involved in the gain-of-function research that is alleged to have led to the creation of the coronavirus.

Spracklen’s ban follows a series of high-profile suspensions from the Big Tech platform, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and the Project Veritas-affiliated Twitter account after it exposed CNN producer Rick Saleeby who’s involved in the left-wing cable news network’s pedophilia scandal.

The investigateCNN’s official Twitter account where the Saleeby story was posted from was suspended in mid-December. “Twitter took down the video, and it was at one point 1.3 million views,” Human Events senior editor Posobiec said to O’Keefe during a Human Events Daily interview at TPUSA’s AmericaFest. “Why is Twitter taking down a video exposing this guy who’s fantasized about an underage girl?”

O’Keefe is suing Twitter and intends to depose its company executives to discover why the tech giant permanently suspended his account and defamed him.

The permanent suspension began back in April 2021 during the same week that Project Veritas launched the explosive series of viral #ExposeCNN videos that caught CNN technical director Charlie Chester admitting that the mainstream liberal outlet promotes political propaganda and anti-conservative bias.