New polling data reveals that the approval rating of Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris among American voters has reached a historic low. This has sparked discussions about the possibility of replacing President Joe Biden with a different candidate. Surprisingly, even members of the Democratic party have been urging Biden to step aside due to his extremely low polling numbers and lack of enthusiasm from his base.

In normal circumstances, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) would consider the vice president as the strongest and most viable alternative. However, these are not normal times, and Harris is far from being a viable option. According to Breitbart, there is a valid reason why Harris is not being considered as a backup plan – her polling numbers are abysmal. The most recent polls indicate that Harris’s approval rating is at a dismal 35 percent, reaching a new historic low. This record-low approval rating was revealed in the latest Monmouth University poll.

The consistently low approval ratings have also come at an unfavorable time for the White House, as Harris is about to embark on a nationwide tour advocating for pro-abortion policies. Some individuals question whether she is the best fit for effectively representing the current administration’s stance on this issue.

Harris is set to embark on her upcoming nationwide tour titled “Advocating for Reproductive Freedoms.”

Throughout the tour, Harris will journey across the country, organizing rallies to support the pro-choice movement. Undoubtedly, this tour will serve as the Biden administration’s strategy to emphasize the importance of the abortion issue.

This initiative arises as the Left persistently employs it as a tactic to sway specific demographics towards voting for the Democratic party in the upcoming year. Harris has issued a statement employing the well-known liberal pro-choice rhetoric, which aims to vilify the conservative standpoint, focusing on the narrative of “reproductive freedom.”

“I will continue to fight for our fundamental freedoms while bringing together those throughout America who agree that every woman should have the right to make decisions about her own body — not the government,” the statement from Harris reads.

“Across our nation, there is a full-on attack on a woman’s fundamental freedom to make decisions about her own body,” the vice president added.

“In the new year, I will be traveling the country to organize, build community and fight back.

“Because when we fight, we win.”

Only time will reveal whether Harris can secure any additional votes through her tour. Alternatively, it is highly probable that her erratic blunders will intensify, perplexing the voters even more.