The staff of Vice President Kamala Harris is in dire need of an intervention. They consistently make careless errors that reflect poorly on her, exacerbating the challenges she already faces with her communication. She made sure to keep up that trend with her recent post to X:

Nevertheless, it has come to light that one of the individuals depicted in the photographs was not an impartial poll worker as initially presumed. A community member has brought to attention that his name is Vasu Abhiraman.

Abhiraman, a legal professional, is associated with the left-leaning advocacy group known as the Alliance for Justice. Prior to this, he had been employed by the ACLU of Georgia.

Check out the replies to this blunder below:

This is not the first instance where Harris’ team has committed a regrettable error. In a tweet that has since been removed from 2022, her account shared a post implying that Ukraine is a member of NATO, which is inaccurate.

Are these posts on X a major issue? Not necessarily. However, when you have an administration led by a president who seems to have significant memory problems, and a vice president who struggles to communicate effectively, it does not inspire confidence in the administration when they disseminate misinformation.

When you share a photo of an individual that Harris interacted with and misidentify them, you are either being deceitful and hoping no one will notice, or you are simply not paying attention. If her team is not attentive to what they perceive as minor details, what other important matters are they overlooking?