Local families in Roxbury, a predominantly black neighborhood in Boston, are outraged by the city’s decision to close down the community center and repurpose it to accommodate more illegal border crossers associated with President Joe Biden.

The Melnea A. Cass Recreational Community Center, once a hub for various sports and community activities, now houses rows of cots for these individuals, as reported by CBS, WBZ-TV Boston. During an interview with WBZ, pre-teen Jeremiah Rodriguez expressed his disappointment upon arriving at the center on Feb. 17, only to discover that it was no longer accessible for his community baseball team’s activities.

“We usually practice. They were closed,” young Jeremiah told the outlet.

Jeremiah’s dad, Yrbin Rodriguez, added, “It’s hard. I didn’t know the immigrants inside. It’s okay to help, I don’t think that’s the place to do it because kids and families go and enjoy.”