Republican Governor Greg Abbott has unveiled enhanced powers for Texas border officers as part of extensive measures to address the influx of illegal aliens into the state. These measures are a response to the ongoing border crisis and the increasing number of migrants crossing into the United States under the administration of Democrat President Joe Biden.

Governor Abbott announced on Sunday that state officers will be granted additional authority to arrest and detain illegal aliens, with the aim of mitigating the overwhelming numbers of migrants entering the U.S. through the Southern Border.

“Well, I’ll tell you a couple of things very interesting,” Abbott told FOX News Channels’ Sunday Morning Futures with host Maria Bartiromo.

“For one, the problem is extraordinarily bad.

“The numbers are high, and that is because Joe Biden continues to lay out the welcome mat, welcoming illegal immigrants into the United States of America.”

Governor Abbott’s declaration follows multiple lawsuits initiated by the Biden Administration against Texas. The Biden administration has been actively working to maintain an open border.

“That said, what we’ve seen in our numbers in the state of Texas is because of the wall that we have built, because of these razor-wide barriers that we have built, Texas is now no longer the number one illegal entry point,” Abbott said.

“It is the Tucson sector, the San Diego sector, and other states.

“And Texas is causing the cartels to have to alter their routes, their routes where people are coming across the border illegally…

“Texas is having to step up and do even more to make sure that we deny illegal entry into the state of Texas.”

Within the next two weeks, Governor Abbott plans to endorse a new law making it unlawful for migrants to enter Texas illegally from another country. Simultaneously, he is authorizing all peace officers in the state to arrest individuals violating this law. Governor Abbott is also sounding the alarm about the hazards associated with President Biden’s open border policies, cautioning that these policies present an “existential threat” to the nation. Presently, individuals from various nations, including adversaries such as China or Iran, are illicitly crossing the border.

“We have people from China coming here,” the governor pointed out.

“We also have people on the known terrorist watch list who are coming across the border.”

Abbott criticized Biden for exposing the U.S. to potential threats, emphasizing his commitment to apprehending as many of these individuals as possible. Border Patrol data indicates that the Del Rio border sector, encompassing Eagle Pass, has documented 317,866 migrant encounters this year. The Rio Grande Valley Sector has experienced a 200 percent surge in illegal migrant activity since August. Over the past year, a record-breaking 2,378,944 illegal migrants have entered the country due to Biden’s policies, which Abbott characterizes as “woke.”