The Libertarian Party has chosen activist Chase Oliver as their presidential nominee, rejecting former Republican President Donald Trump and Independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. This decision was made after both Trump and Kennedy Jr. delivered speeches at the national convention, appealing for Libertarian support. Oliver won the nomination in the seventh round of voting, garnering close to 60 percent of the votes, as reported by Fox News Digital.

“I will continue to bring a hopeful and positive message of liberty to both those who consider themselves libertarian and those who don’t know they are libertarian yet,” Oliver said in his victory address. He continued, saying “proud to be the voice for liberty as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president.” He said he and his running mate, Mike ter Maat, “will bring a unifying message of true freedom and liberty to all 50 states, especially to the Gen Z and millennial generations who are exceedingly dissatisfied with the broken two-party system.”

According to The Guardian, the recently emerged candidate for presidency had previously shown his support for Democrats and President Barack Obama’s campaign. Nevertheless, his opinion of the party changed as a result of their endorsement of the conflicts in the Middle East. In a post on X in 2022, he clarified that his departure from the Democrats was motivated by Obama’s stance, as he sought to align himself with an antiwar party.