(TPM) – An argument over a traffic incident broke out on the streets of Portland, Oregon where a self-identified Native American man yelled at a liberal white woman, repeatedly calling her a “f*cking colonizer.” The term “colonizer” is a derogatory slur for white people used amongst woke activists who believe all white people are responsible for the colonization of indigenous lands.

The Post Millennial contributor Katie Daviscourt posted video of the heated incident of the two arguing in the middle of the road as the man shouted dubious insults such as “YOU WHITE LADY” and “You f*cking colonizer.”

The argument started when the woman confronted the man for allegedly cutting her off in traffic. She apparently scolded him saying, “We don’t drive this way in Oregon. We’re f*cking kind and we make space.”

The heavyset man’s bellows of racial injustice began almost immediately with “She told me to go back to where I came from,” followed by a halfhearted, “I’m Native American.”

“I’m talking about your driving habits,” she corrected, “I’m so tired of people driving like you just did.” She then confronted the man about bringing race into the issue saying, “Admit that you’re f*cking wrong and that it’s not a race thing!”

The man avoided addressing the traffic incident and instead doubled-down on his issues with the woman’s skin color “Admit you’re white. You have a colonizer mindset.”

“It’s not about race” she pleaded, along with “Don’t pull the race card,” and “You’re taking out your pain and aggression on me right now.”

But the man was still discontent with her pleadings, telling her to “shut up” and that the racial justice work to be done was not his responsibility. He mocked her pleas and eventually erupted with, “It’s not on me to change it’s on you and your colonizer mindset so get the f*ck out of my face now. The man continued screaming, “NOW, YOU WHITE LADY! YOU WHITE LADY!”

Using “white” as an insult has escalated as activism and education depicting whiteness as evil has grown exponentially in recent years.

“I’m as angry as you are,” she said in sympathy to the man’s woke sentiments. Dismissive, the man continued in his rage, “Then get out of my face because I’m done with conversation, you f*cking colonizer,” and “I’m not taking any f*cking directions from a white lady.”

The woman attempted to signal her liberal racial sympathies again saying, “Everyone needs to hear how angry you are but it’s not about this,” but was only met with more screaming from the man.

In a second video, the man can be seen finally getting back into his car and ending the heated exchange with, “You don’t know the pain of my people,” and “I hope you go back to Europe, you b*tch.”