The truth has a way of eventually coming to light, even if it takes time. The mainstream media has a history of dismissing important stories only to later acknowledge their validity. From school closures to masks to vaccines, the media initially pushed certain narratives until they were proven wrong.

Independent journalists, on the other hand, were often ahead of the curve, highlighting issues that were later recognized by the mainstream media. It’s clear now that President Joe Biden’s fitness for office is being questioned, a fact that independent media outlets have been pointing out for some time.

The pattern is consistent: independent media gets it right early on, while mainstream media plays catch-up. Welcome to the real world.

The events surrounding the “laptop from hell” are widely known. The recent realization of Biden’s inability to continue is just the most recent, if not the most audacious, example of this pattern. Biden’s performance in the presidential debate was subpar, as expected. He seemed confused and tired, with occasional outbursts of anger. Those who have been following alternative media coverage of the Biden administration were already aware that this was the likely result of putting him on the debate stage; his performance mirrored his actions over the past three years. Nevertheless, the mainstream media collectively feigned surprise.

Van Jones, on the brink of tears, established the atmosphere for the CNN post-debate show, while the other panelists joined in catastrophizing. The day after, The New York Times editorial board urged Biden to resign. Numerous other reputable sources quickly echoed this sentiment. The Washington Post editorial board even crafted a withdrawal speech in Biden’s voice. Where were they all during the past three years?

They were busy working tirelessly to silence or discredit any independent journalists who spoke out against what they are now acknowledging. Just two weeks ago, it was deemed as “cheap fake” videos from dishonest right-wing media that made Biden appear old and frail. Now, he is being called upon to resign for the sake of Our Democracy™.

This begs the question: “Why do the ‘mistakes’ always go in the same way?”

The reason why independent journalism has effectively become conservative media is due to the fact that corporate journalists are influenced by their own ideologies and interests. These journalists, who typically graduate from the same journalism schools, tend to share similar worldviews that align with a leftist perspective on the role of media. Furthermore, their professional goals often lead them to align with the liberal regime, following the party line, protecting their supporters, attacking their adversaries, and enjoying the perks of being an insider in the political sphere.

By discrediting anyone who does not conform to their beliefs, independent voices are marginalized and labeled as part of the “conservative media,” serving as a convenient scapegoat for the regime. This cycle perpetuates itself, with important information such as healthcare updates or presidential shortcomings being suppressed by the corporate-liberal press, thus branding them as “right-wing narratives” to the general public and deterring smaller outlets or ambitious journalists from covering them. Consequently, this polarization continues to grow, widening the gap between opposing factions.