(CBrief) – Top talk radio and Fox News host Mark Levin ripped into Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg after former President Donald Trump’s court appearance on Tuesday and the unsealing of Bragg’s indictment.

During a segment on fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity’s program, Levin blasted the decision to indict, claiming there is “no underlying crime” Trump supposedly committed in the court filing.

“There has to be an underlying crime. Well, people are saying, ‘Well, what is it?’ I’m saying, well, what underlying crime did Donald Trump commit? He didn’t commit any underlying crime, and he wasn’t charged with any underlying crime. He wasn’t charged with federal election violations, even though that’s not the jurisdiction of the D.A. There’s nothing here,” Levin said.

“But I want to get into something here. Donald Trump is a historic figure, or they would not be doing this. They would not be doing this,” Levin continued. “There would not have been a January 6 committee. There would not have been a Mueller criminal investigation. There would not have been two phony impeachments.

“Listen to this America, there would not have been a warrant, which is inexcusable and an unconstitutional warrant in my view, an FBI swat team sent to his home. There has been in the course of the last few months five grand juries controlled by Democrats,” he continued.

“Over what? You would have thought this man took money from the communist Chinese. You would have thought his son took money from the communist Chinese. You would have thought he is the criminal of this century,” Levin quipped.

Levin, a lawyer and constitutional law expert who worked in Ronald Reagan’s Justice Department, suggested that Bragg should be held accountable after campaigning on ‘getting Trump.’

“The Manhattan D.A. should be disbarred not only because of the way he campaigned – because you know what? This is crap that a pre-law student shouldn’t even put in front of a damn judge,” he railed.

He then went after what he sees as the Democrats’ plan to change America, saying, “this party wants to change the Supreme Court. They want to change the Senate. They want to eliminate the filibuster rule, eliminate the Electoral College. They’re attacking the First Amendment. They want to eliminate the Second Amendment. They’re violating the Fourth and the Fifth Amendments. You know what this is? This is tyranny.”