A Turning Point USA reporter took to the streets to interview students at the University of Texas, Austin, at one point “deprogramming” a male student on his views of “white privilege.”

According to the student, thanks to “white privilege,” he has more opportunities than Savannah Hernandez, the reporter.

“I grew up as a White man, and yet you’re the exact opposite, you know? And so it’s like my experiences are going to be different from yours,” the student told Hernandez.

“How come?” Hernandez replied.

“I think, you know, there is a thing of like White privilege,” the student answered.

Since the exchange has made its rounds on Twitter, multiple verified personalities have commented on the exchange, including Canadian psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson.

“This is so sad…It’s heartbreaking,” Peterson included in a tweet.

See his reaction, along with the exchange below: