(BLP) – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis went viral today after completely destroying his opponent Democrat Charlie Crist on the debate stage last night.

In the most shared clip, DeSantis said – in response to being asked about a possible run for President in 2024 – that “the only worn-out old donkey [he’s] looking to put out to pasture is Charlie Crist.”


This perfect sound bite is the exact type of thing conservatives love to hear. It’s edgy, simplistic, and it sends shockwaves to Democrats because they just cannot respond the way they want to.

Remarks like these are also rather Trumpian. Remember when DeSantis said Fauci was a “little elf” that should be thrown “across the Potomac?” Classic…

The worn-out donkey comment wasn’t the only clip circulating the internet today. As many were applauding DeSantis’ stance on his state’s handling of the lockdowns circa 2020.

“Charlie Crist accused Ron Desantis of shutting down Florida during covid during tonight’s debate,” wrote Clay Travis of Outkick.

“All this tells me is Democrats are aware how disastrous lockdowns are now polling and their only strategy is to lie about ever supporting them,” he added.

It’s quite crazy to think Crist is trying to paint DeSantis as a big lockdown Governor, even though he championed his state by doing the exact opposite of what the ruling regime was telling him to do.

On the topic of abortion and being pro-life, DeSantis had the following to say about his opponent during the debate:

Charlie Crist opposes that (15 week abortion ban) even though the baby is fully formed, has a heartbeat, can feel pain, and can suck their thumb. He also supports sex-selective abortions which is used to discriminate against little girls, he supports dismemberment abortions where they will literally tear the baby limb-from-limb, and he supports taxpayer funding of abortion all the way up until the moment of birth and that is wrong.

Then DeSantis went on to defend his stance on trans kids.