(GZConservative) – Donald Trump Jr. might just be the best Twitter troll of all time.

Most conservative accounts vary in how good of points they make, how funny the memes they share are, and whether they start drifting to the left, particularly on cultural issues,

Not Don Jr.; his tweets are routinely some of the best. Depending on content and intent, they’re either hilarious or illuminating, so funny they’ll make you double-over laughing or thought-provoking enough to make you reexamine current events, particularly when it comes to what the left is really up to.

Sometimes, when the stars are aligned just right and Don Jr. is at his best, they’re a mix; both funny enough to make you start laughing out loud and so-spot on it’s ridiculous. Such was the case when Don Jr. called out Biden’s reported plan to go to Europe:

Sending Biden to Europe for “High Stakes” NATO talks will only embolden our enemies further.

If you want to get something done right send Trump.

Indeed. Guess who didn’t launch a full-scale invasion of the Ukraine, with cruise missiles slamming into cities and tanks rolling across the countryside, when Trump was president? Putin. Putin didn’t.

Whatever the cause for that, and Trump will obviously claim it was him alone that kept Putin in check while his detractors will claim otherwise, the fact remains that Putin didn’t launch the invasion until Slow Joe was napping in the White House basement.

Well, the tweet absolutely sent the left into orbit, infuriating the leftists that somehow think Biden is a functional president and Trump wasn’t. Why do they think that? Who knows. But they do, and make themselves look ridiculous arguing that Biden is somehow doing a better job than Trump.