(The Post Millennial) – Dr. Robert Malone, who has been banned from Twitter and whose appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience was also scrubbed from YouTube, continued to buck the Biden administration’s COVID narrative on the Ingraham Angle on Tuesday night.

When asked by Ingraham about Biden COVID spokesperson Anthony Fauci, Malone said “I mean, it’s Tony. What can I say? Tony has no integrity, he lies all the time, and me and my peers have been watching this for decades. We just shrug our shoulders and shake our heads and say ‘It’s Fauci.'”

During his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, Malone said that he had known Fauci for much of his career.

Ingraham then asked Malone: “An N95 mask tightly fitted to the surgeon’s face or the health providers face, a very tightly-fitted mask, that can prevent transmission of viruses, correct? But who can wear a tightly-fitted medical grade mask? Certainly not a 2-year-old on a flight, correct?”

“Yes,” replied Malone. “The thing is with Omicron is it has a reproductive coefficient, and that is fancy medical epidemiology talk, but it has a reproductive coefficient, which is a measure of infectiveness, it’s in the range of measles, it’s in the 7-10 range.

“We are all going get infected. Probably the only ones that won’t some degree of symptoms from this in the United States are going to be the ones that have natural immunity. And still a fraction of those are going to get infected.”

Emails obtained last month by The American Institute for Economic Research revealed that Fauci and National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins sought to squash viewpoints from experts they deemed “fringe epidemiologists.”