Prominent SiriusXM podcaster and former Fox News personality, Megyn Kelly, strongly criticized both two-time Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow for their on-air reactions following the fourth indictment of former President Donald Trump.

During a segment of her show, Clinton and Maddow were seen laughing about the charges and implying that more could follow. Maddow also criticized Trump for questioning election results, without acknowledging Clinton’s previous claims that he “stole” the 2016 election.

Kelly expressed her dismay at their behavior, stating, “That was a disgraceful display by both women on the set.” She went on to emphasize her previous preference for Ron DeSantis over Joe Biden, citing her recent interview with DeSantis where she posed tough questions. Kelly lamented Maddow’s failure to fulfill her journalistic responsibility and criticized her for allowing the discussion to be led by a “dishonest broker,” referring to Clinton.

The former Fox News anchor accused Maddow of failing in her role as a journalist, even though she’s paid a substantial amount, and condemned the interview with Clinton as an “embarrassment.” Kelly expressed her frustration about the path the discourse had taken, where both sides denied the other’s presidency, and concluded by saying, “Shame on you both!”

Additionally, there was a discussion on Fox News’ Outnumbered, where co-host Kayleigh McEnany commented on the political optics surrounding recent Trump indictments.

McEnany discussed how the indictments raised concerns about setting a troubling precedent and how the public perceives Trump and Biden. She highlighted the contrast between the optics of Trump facing indictments and Biden enjoying leisure activities, ultimately emphasizing that Biden’s Justice Department was prosecuting Trump.

The conversation reflected growing concerns over the handling and portrayal of Trump’s legal matters in the media and their implications for public perception.