(TPM) – After Taylor Lorenz and the Washington Post doxxed anonymous Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok then denied it, YouTuber Tim Pool of Timcast bought a billboard in Times Square, New York, to call them out.

“The Washington Post and Taylor Lorenz Doxxed @libsoftiktok. They included a link to private work details and an address listed as Libs’ private home. They lied about it so I got an ad in Times Square calling them out. Thanks to @JeremyDBoreing for the assist,” Pool wrote on Twitter.

“Hey WAPO!” The billboard reads. “Democracy dies in darkness. That’s why we’re shining a light on you. Taylor Lorenz doxxed @libsoftiktok”

The billboard was a collaboration between The Daily Wire’s Jeremy Boreing, who had the billboard in place to advertise his new razor company, Jeremy’s Razors. When Pool tweeted out asking if he should buy a billboard saying Lorenz and WaPo doxxed Libs of Tik Tok, Boreing said he was “good for half,” and then arranged to swap over the ad of for his company to Pool’s message.

It was last week that Taylor Lorenz, writing for the Washington Post, did an expose on the anonymous Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok, which posts clips found on Tik Tok and social media of leftists speaking about their proclivities.

Often these clips show people proudly revealing and boosting their gender identity or their perspectives on race and anti-racist, entirely from a leftist perspective.

Lorenz claimed that the account targeted people in the LGBTQ community, but the account shows people speaking about themselves in their own words with pride.

The Washington Post claimed that Lorenz had not doxxed the account holder, but when the article ran, there were links to the account holder’s address and personal information. Their claim was a lie.

Lorenz claimed that she doxxed Libs of Tik Tok over concerns that the account holder could be a “foreign actor.” It was revealed that the Antifa-affiliated accounts Lorenz based her reporting on were actually funded by the German government.

“I think it’s rare to see an account gain so much prominence so quickly and be shaping these narratives in such an effective way, especially against trans people,” Lorenz said. “So I was, I mean, my story was kind of long, but I really wanted to make the case, like, why this account mattered.”

“I mean, for all we knew, this could have been a foreign actor, right? Or someone— we just didn’t know,” Lorenz declared. “And so I thought, hey, look, this account has massive power, massive influence. This woman is basically on an entire right-wing media tour. She gave interviews to the New York Post, Tucker [Carlson], all of that, and registered as a media company, registered a trademark.”

After the doxxing, which inadvertently dragged in another woman of the same name, Lorenz complained that her family was doxxed. Libs of Tik Tok’s popularity skyrocketed amid the fallout.