(The Post Millennial) – Journalist Glenn Greenwald joined Tucker Carlon Tuesday on Fox News and slammed the suppression of Hunter Biden’s emails that exposed the Biden family’s shady foreign business dealings.

“Whether Joe Biden was trading on his influence as Vice President to generate profit for his son and for his family, and now that there’s no election, I guess we’re allowed to hear about it,” Greenwald told Carlson.

Greenwald’s comments come after The New York Times announced a lawsuit against the State Department on Monday over their refusal to give the paper access to US Embassy emails that mention the President’s son, Hunter Biden. Despite the outlet submitting a FOIA request, the State Department has ignored the request.

“I don’t think that we could overstate how desperate and eager agencies in the United States government were to ensure that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election,” Greenwald said on why he believes the State Department is withholding the information. “We have so many examples where they just outright lied and spread complete falsehood to justify the suppression of the reporting that could have really undermined Joe Biden’s campaign brand of truth.”

“I don’t know if they did that deliberately here,” Greenwald said. ” But what seems to be the case is that they withheld information and told The Times that they will get them the information in 2023, which is after the next election in 2022 even though the law requires that they get it in 20 days.”

When reports of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop first surfaced exposing his shady business dealings with the likes of China and Ukraine, The New York Times discredited the reports as “unsubstantiated claims.” However, Greenwald commended reporters from the paper for deciding to investigate the story.