(PolitCrossing) – Tucker questions why we’re funding biolabs containing dangerous research in Ukraine … which didn’t exist, then were confirmed to be dangerous and concerning, then do exist but aren’t biolabs. Highlights include:

“Within hours of the Russian invasion, USA Today published a rebuttal to all those crazies who were yammering on about ‘secret Ukranian biolabs.’ Here was the headline: ‘Fact check: False claim of US biolabs in Ukraine tied to Russian disinformation campaign.’”

“So, if you look carefully at the story, and we did you would notice that this ‘fact check’ was sourced to ‘Ukranian government unnamed officials’ and then ‘Biden state department officials.’ These were not exactly objective sources on this subject, but still, this story seemed definitive, it was totally emphatic. But the fact checks didn’t stop. We kept seeing the same fact check again and again. It was almost like, despite endless official clarifications, some people refuse to believe the Biden administration.”

“Does Ukraine have biological weapons? Uhh, Ukraine has biological research facilities. What?! You mean ‘secret biolabs,’ like the secret biolabs Ukraine definitely doesn’t have? Ukraine has those?”

“Yes, it does, and not only does Ukraine have secret biolabs, Victoria Nuland said, whatever they’re doing in those labs is so dangerous and so scary that she is ‘quite concerned’ that the so-called ‘research material’ inside those biolabs might fall into the hands of Russian forces. Under oath in an open committee hearing, Victoria Nuland just confirmed that the ‘Russian disinformation’ they’ve been telling us for days is a lie and a conspiracy theory and crazy and immoral to believe, is in fact totally and completely true.”

“Why would we fund something like that in Ukraine? And why didn’t you secure the contents of these biolabs before the Russians arrived, as you knew they would, and then why did you go out of your way to lie to the American public about all of this? If the ‘research materials’ in these labs were to escape somehow, and you seem very concerned about that, what would be the effect on Ukraine and then on the rest of the world? How can we prepare for the consequences of that?”

“We are funding the creation of deadly pathogens so we can study them and prevent people from getting infected with them, maybe? There are lots of examples of this. The US embassy in Ukraine has a handy webpage explaining that American and Ukrainian scientists have worked on a whole bunch of different experiments like this. Some of the projects include work on African Swine Fever virus, Hemorrhagic Fever virus, and various avian respiratory viruses.”

“The interesting thing, the telling thing, is that the US embassy’s website also contains links to fact sheets about America’s support for biological research in Ukraine, but all those links are now dead.”

“In the face of that evidence, the Pentagon is still lying about it, and in fact they’re repeating the same unbelievably stupid and now thoroughly discredited lies the ‘fact-checkers’ have told for weeks now.”

“It’s a ridiculous semantic debate. Dangerous biological agents remain, thanks to the Biden administration, unsecured in a chaotic war zone. At some point we need to know how that happened, who made those decisions. We have a right to know, and let’s hope someone in Congress will get to the bottom of it. But in the meantime we pray, that somewhere in the United States government there is an adult who cares enough to get this situation under control immediately.”

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