(The Post Millennial) – Ben Shapiro answered questions from students after giving a speech as part of the Fred and Lynda Allen Lecture Series, including one from a student that was less a question and more a series of assumptions, mixed with insults.

Shapiro had spoken about what he sees as the fallacy of transgender ideology, and a student, who stated his qualifications, attempted to provide a counter to what The Daily Wire founder had said.

“I’m a mathematician and a physicist here, a double major,” the student said. “And I also just won the most prestigious award in the country to pursue research at any institution, I want the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

“So I think I’m pretty, you know, qualified to say that most of what you’re saying is based on, like old data,” the student continued. “But my question to you guys last month, but sure, like, for example, gender identity disorder, that’s the DSM IV, bro,” he said, referring to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders which is reissued as necessary, “we use the DSM V now for psychologists to be able to talk—”

“I literally said it was the DSM V in the speech,” Shapiro corrected, “and it’s called ‘gender dysphoria’, which I used throughout the speech, not gender.” The student had no comeback to this other than to call Shapiro names.

“And you can’t get no pussy, and you can even make your wife wet, bro. So what’s good?” He said with a laugh.

The crowd did not take kindly to the insult, which was a reference to Shapiro’s send up of a song by Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion called WAP, with explicit lyrics about “wet ass pussy.” Shapiro wasn’t a fan of the song, to say the least.

Shapiro responded to the student, saying that as a father with young children, he did not feel a need to defend his family life or the intimacy of his marriage.

“The real question is,” the student interrupted, “if you’re using a Western colonial idea of gender, then why should it apply? ‘Cause the gender binary is a Western colonialist framework of gender.”

“You’re right,” Shapiro countered, “men and women don’t exist in any other culture.”

“No, no, no, no, no, no,” the student said. “Think about Native American culture. Third gender people. I’m not saying that— third gender people are in Native American societies, Western African societies, like Southern Native American societies like Mexico, so in other places that are not white-dominated, like Europe—”

“And they are incorrect,” Shapiro said.

“So non-white people— I’m a mathematician and a physicist, you cannot tell me—”

“So I have a question,” Shapiro said.

“And also you’re not a biologist,” the student said, noting that he’s in his 20s.

“I have a question: as a mathematician and a physicist, what in the hell do you know about human biology?” Shapiro asked.

“And you got your law degree from Harvard, what do you know about biology?” the student said.

“And frankly, I would ask another question. If your logic is so flawed as a mathematician and a physicist, I would suggest that whichever institution gave you an award, revoke it immediately,” Shapiro said to cheers from the crowd.

Others on Twitter concurred with Shapiro.