Barack Obama is quietly expressing concerns about Democrat President Joe Biden’s chances of winning re-election in November, as per a recent report.

Despite publicly showing support for his former vice president, Obama is privately worried about the possibility of President Donald Trump securing another term after Biden’s debate mishap, according to the Washington Post.

The report indicates that Obama has been sharing his anxieties with his close circle in recent days. Although Obama has publicly endorsed Biden, the report suggests otherwise. There is now increasing pressure on Biden to step down.

Throughout the past year, Obama has held private meetings with Biden to discuss concerns regarding his re-election campaign. Following last week’s debate, worries about Biden have escalated to a state of genuine panic among fellow Democrats. Obama reportedly offered advice to Biden during a phone call after the debate, as reported by the Washington Post.

However, the sources of the Post did not disclose the specifics of Obama’s advice. While some Democrats acknowledge Biden’s poor performance, they are downplaying it as an isolated incident. Obama echoed similar sentiments in a recent post on social media. In his post, Obama underscored the critical nature of Biden’s re-election battle.

Biden’s re-election campaign expressed gratitude to Obama for his steadfast support in a statement to the Washington Post, despite the concerns raised by Obama.