The situation in Maui is nothing short of devastating – the extent of the damage is almost incomprehensible. Up to 1,000 individuals remain unaccounted for after wildfires wreaked havoc on the island. Sadly, there’s a growing concern that the majority of these individuals may have lost their lives in the flames.

Families were forced to plunge into the ocean to escape the inferno, and an entire village has been wiped out.

Our fellow citizens are enduring immense suffering.

Journalists have been urging the Biden Administration to address this tragedy. Finally, an opportunity arose as President Biden relaxed by the water in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

His response was a brief and dismissive “No comment.”

“After spending some hours at Rehoboth beach, @potus was asked about the escalating death toll in Hawaii,” tweeted Bloomberg’s Justin Sink. He reported that the president simply replied with “no comment” before leaving.

This response is inadequate. It displays a lack of compassion and sensitivity.

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan noted that Biden’s reaction could “hurt him” and labeled it an “unforced error.”

“It seems reasonable to expect the president to have something to say about this,” observed the Washington Examiner’s Byron York.

“Joe Biden is the most embarrassing aspect of America today – his arrogance, ignorance/stupidity/senility, elitism, complete disregard for ordinary people, corruption… his constant air of entitlement – it’s all revolting,” journalist Tom Elliott expressed on Twitter.

Biden exhibited a similar attitude towards the residents of East Palestine, Ohio.

It’s almost as if the administration’s response to a national tragedy is determined solely by how the affected area voted in the previous election. East Palestine had favored President Trump.

What’s even more perplexing is that Maui gave overwhelming support to President Biden during the election. So, why is their pain and suffering being disregarded?

The people of Maui deserve a more empathetic response from their president, as do all Americans.

While the president’s reaction to this national catastrophe can’t be solely attributed to his cognitive decline, it can be linked to an unfeeling heart.