(TStarnes) – A Memphis-area homeowner was arrested by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office for simply trying to protect his wife and children from a gang of thugs trying to break into the family’s car.

Victor Luna-Rodriguez, 40, was awakened by his home security system and went outside to confront the bad guys.

Video shows the criminals pulling out weapons and opening fire — dozens of shots were fired.

Mr. Luna-Rodriguez, a law-abiding gun owner, was also armed and returned fire.

The thugs got away, but Mr. Luna-Rodriguez was charged with reckless endangerment because several of the bullets struck a neighbor’s house. He has since been released jail.

KWAM listeners have overwhelmingly defended the homeowner on the radio station’s Stop Memphis Crime Group and called on the charges to be dropped.

“I believe if someone is stealing your property you have the right to protect it. All of these laws protecting criminals is what is wrong,” one person wrote. “What the hell is wrong with people who think it is ok to take what is not theirs nor have they worked for it. What happened to restitution? Or staying your ass where you belong?”

“That article made my blood boil,” wrote another.

This is what life is like in a city controlled by progressive, anti-police Democrats. They have turned a beautiful Southern city into a war zone.