(Slay News) – Outgoing Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has refused to allow President Donald Trump’s testimony before the Jan. 6 Committee to be broadcast live to the American people.

As Slay News previously reported, Trump said he was happy to testify before the committee, which subpoenaed him last week, provided he could do so on live TV.

The 45th president argues that broadcasting the hearing live is the only way to prevent the Democrats and their allies in the media from twisting his words before the American people to suit the Jan. 6 Committee’s anti-Trump agenda.

On Sunday, Cheney told “Meet the Press” that the committee has no intention of giving Trump a platform to address the country.

Responding to a lay-up question by liberal “journalist” Chuck Todd about the potential for Trump testimony before the committee, Cheney ruled out any kind of live appearance for the 45th POTUS.

However, Cheney refused to give an honest answer for why that is.

She told Todd that the Democrats’ committee does not want to give Trump the chance to turn the Jan. 6 proceedings into a “food fight.”

“The committee treats this matter with great seriousness,” Cheney told Todd.

“And we are going to proceed in terms of the questioning the former president under oath.

“It may take multiple days, and it will be done with a level of rigor and discipline and seriousness that it deserves.

“We are not going to allow the former president …

“He’s not going to turn this into a circus.

“This isn’t going to be, you know, his first debate against Joe Biden and the circus and the food fight that that became.

“This is a far too serious set of issues.”


Social media users were not buying Cheney’s excuses for denying the American public access to the proceedings, particularly the part about not wanting to turn the committee’s proceedings into a “circus.”