(BLP) – Tyler Dinsmoor, a Christian patriot based in Washington state, was the one of the latest victims of “red flag” anarcho-tyranny. 

Neil Kumar of VDARE, noted that his family goes “door-to-door in their godless Washington State to spread the Gospel.”  Dinsmoor is a Navy veteran and runs a sheepskin business. 

Dinsmoor is an active user of Gab. Lamentably, due to the overly politicized nature of politics in the United States, several leftist accounts on Twitter hurled defamatory attacks against Dinsmoor. This leftist online mob accused Dinsmoor of allegedly breaking the law by making threats of violence. 

Leftists were particularly enraged by one of Dinsmoor’s Gab posts, in which he suggested that he would protest a “Pride Parade” in Anacortes, Washington.

To protect his customers, Dinsmoor was forced to shut down his website.

Leftists instantly pounced and declared that the post was proof that he had plans of harming protest participants. Dinsmoor clarified his intentions, noting that he would only distribute flyers at the event.

In some of Dinsmoor’s posts, he cited Scripture, Leviticus 20:13, specifically — a move that further enraged the Left.

On the morning of June 17, 2022, a swarm of law enforcement officers converged on Dinsmoor’s property and arrested him.

Kumar noted the over-the-top nature of this police raid:

The government sent officers from seven law enforcement agencies, responders from two federal agencies, multiple armored vehicles, a negotiating team, and a police helicopter, to arrest Tyler.

Oak Harbor Police Chief Kevin Dresker rationalized this heavy-handed response based on “the nature of Dinsmoor’s online comments, which included violent vitriol aimed at the LGBTQ community and ominous posts about the gay pride parade.”

Dresker emphasized that “Dinsmoor owns guns.”

Island County prosecutor Greg Banks slapped Tyler with a felony “hate crime” charge on June 15.

This showcases the very dangers of red flag gun confiscation orders. Any action that could be perceived as a threat, could be sufficient grounds for an uncomfortable encounter with law enforcement. Dinsmoor was slightly lucky in this case.

For example, in 2019, a Maryland man, Gary Willis, was killed when police were carrying out a red flag gun confiscation order.

Nevertheless, Dinsmoor’s life has been thoroughly upended. He is now being held in county jail on a $1,000,000 bail. Kumar claims that he is being held in solitary confinement.

This incident should serve as a wake-up call to conservatives about the dangers of red flag laws and hate speech measures. So-called “common sense” measures that infringe on civil liberties invariably transform into freedom-destroying measures further down the line.

Given the ideological inclinations of the managerial state, red flag laws will be disproportionately used against the Right, specifically the white, Christian segments of this political demographic.

A serious populist Right must recognize the enemy it’s facing and do everything possible to defang it.