Newly surfaced video footage appears to provide evidence that the head of security for Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) may have committed perjury. There have been suspicions for some time that Pelosi and her associates have been dishonest about the events that took place during the protests at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The recently released surveillance footage from that day strongly suggests that U.S. Capitol Police Special Agent David Lazarus, who was in charge of Pelosi’s security, lied under oath while testifying against members of the Oath Keepers organization. This testimony from Lazarus played a crucial role in helping federal prosecutors secure convictions against the defendants, who received lengthy prison sentences for their alleged involvement in the Capitol protests.

TheBlaze, with permission from House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), released a video report that raises doubts about the sworn testimony of Lazarus and Officer Dunn regarding their alleged encounter with Oath Keepers members inside the Capitol building on January 6.

Initially, Dunn informed FBI investigators, and the video evidence supports his statement, that the Oath Keepers had been amicable and had even formed a protective barrier between him and other demonstrators.

However, during a subsequent FBI interview, the officer altered his account and accused the Oath Keepers of being confrontational and argumentative towards him. During the trial of the Oath Keepers, given Dunn’s contradictory testimonies, Lazarus was called upon to validate Dunn’s second assertion. Under oath, Lazarus testified that he had personally witnessed the Oath Keepers displaying a high level of hostility towards Dunn.

However, it appears that Lazarus may have committed perjury on the witness stand, as the recently released video footage seems to prove otherwise. The video footage clearly shows that Lazarus was not present in the vicinity where the alleged altercation between the Oath Keepers and Dunn supposedly took place.

According to investigative journalist Steve Baker from TheBlaze, the Capitol’s surveillance cameras captured several instances of Oath Keepers standing near Officer Dunn and engaging in conversation with him.

The video footage also depicts the Oath Keepers forming a protective line in front of him, positioned on the House side of the Capitol building for approximately six minutes, from 2:44 to 2:50 pm.

Subsequently, the men proceeded to navigate through the crowded rotunda and exited the premises. Coinciding with the commencement of this incident, Special Agent Lazarus was actually situated in an entirely separate Senate building located across the street from the Capitol.

While the alleged confrontation unfolded, Lazarus was occupied with traversing the underground tunnel system in order to gain access to the Senate side of the Capitol building.

In fact, the camera recording clearly indicates that Lazarus did not arrive at the specific area where Dunn claimed to have been confronted by the Oath Keepers until several minutes after those individuals had already departed from that vicinity.

Nevertheless, he testified under oath that he personally observed the confrontation as it transpired.

If this report from TheBlaze, along with the accompanying video evidence that substantiates it, can be confirmed as accurate, it directly challenges the credibility of Special Agent Lazarus’ sworn testimony.