(BLP) – Lucas Gerhard, the former Lake Superior State University student charged with making terror threats, is set to start his trial next month in a Michigan court.

Gerhard was charged with making terror threats after a liberal snowflake saw a post he made in a private Snapchat group of his rifle, became triggered and snitched on Gerhard to authorities. This began a three-year hell which has upended his life and confined Gerhard to home arrest awaiting a trial. He will finally have his day in court beginning on July 11.

Making the situation even more ridiculous is a picture of his leftist accuser holding a gun that she posted on social media. This just shows how there is a massive double standard in the criminal justice system working against conservatives.

Gerhard faces 20 years in prison if he is convicted of making a terrorist threat. In addition to his home confinement, Gerhard was also forced to spend 83 days in jail while being denied bail. Eventually, he was released on a bond of $250,000.

Adding insult to injury, the Michigan Court of Appeals rejected Gerhard’s appeal, showing how free speech is effectively null and void in America. If Gerhard is convicted, it will set a precedent that unless a conservative has the “impossibility of guilt,” they will be destroyed in the courts for exercising their basic rights in a manner that offends a liberal.

The situation has drained his family’s finances as the court attempts to bully Gerhard into submission. Still, he has stood strong and is ready to be vindicated in the court of law next month. Gerhard’s case has massive implications for the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments of the Constitution in a digital age when core freedoms are being erased at a breakneck speed.

Big League Politics has reported extensively on the Gerhard case and the institutional conspiracy targeting the young man because of his outspoken conservative beliefs:

“One crucial aspect of the case is the repressive campus atmosphere that resulted in Gerhard being profiled as a potential threat. This set the stage for his Snapchat post of the so-called “assault rifle” allowed them to use law enforcement to strike back against a conservative rabble-rouser who campus officials wanted out of their hair.

We have obtained documents showing the institutional conspiracy that was waged against Gerhard, an proud conservative who was not shy about sharing his beliefs on campus, and how a file maintained by LSSU staff based largely on anonymous snitching was used to paint him as a terrorist threat in the courts.

The probable cause affidavit from the 91st District Court noted Gerhard’s “extreme political views” as being part of the reason his dorm room was searched, and although nothing illegal was found in the search, eventually leading to his arrest. His “extreme political views” were also listed in the search warrant as an excuse to seize information from his private Snapchat account in an attempt to enter his political posts as evidence during the trial.

In addition, a profile emerged of Gerhard being harassed on campus due to his conservative political opinions, which was later exploited to push for his charges. One such documented incident came after a student reported Gerhard to authorities for a “wellness check” because he posted a politically-incorrect opinion related to female law enforcement in an online discussion forum related to a class. The resident adviser found that the check was unfounded, but the record was logged and eventually used as part of a profile to show Gerhard as a potential threat.

Another complaint was filed against Gerhard because he was dressed in a Sheriffs office cadet uniform with a duffel bag and a riot shield for a speech he was planning to give to a communication class. When law enforcement approached Gerhard regarding the complaint, he allowed police to search his duffel bag, which contained no weapons, and presented his note cards to police for the speech. After his story checked out, law enforcement let him go and noted that the complaint filed against Gerhard was unfounded.”