As per the commitment made by John Kerry, the outgoing “climate czar” appointed by Democrat President Joe Biden, government officials have initiated a crackdown on farmers, resulting in the closure of small American farms.

In Oregon, farmers are facing stringent regulations related to water conservation and groundwater protection, which have rendered their operations unviable. This development follows Kerry’s agreement with multiple foreign nations to impose strict measures on the American farming sector.

As reported last year, Kerry signed an agreement with twelve other countries, aiming to combat “global warming” by severely impacting the agriculture industry. International governments have collectively pledged to target food production by shutting down farms in order to reduce “methane emissions.”

The thirteen nations signing the Global Methane Pledge are: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Chile, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Germany, Panama, Peru, Spain, The United States, and Uruguay.

The initiative aims to significantly reduce the global supply of meat and dairy in an effort to purportedly combat “climate change” and “save the planet.”

The United States, Australia, Brazil, and Argentina, countries that are endorsing the agreement, are some of the biggest meat producers worldwide.

As per a recent study, officials in Oregon are incorrectly categorizing small family farms as concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). By designating these farms as CAFOs, authorities have the ability to close them down in the name of environmental protection.

“The state of Oregon has effectively shut down small farms and market gardens on a large scale, and they’re actually sending out cease-and-desist letters to farms and they’re using satellite technology to find their victims and send them these letters that say you can’t operate,” an Oregon rancher explains.

The rancher elucidates that Oregon officials are employing two distinct legislations to carry out these closures.

Oregon’s broadly vague definition of a CAFO states:

“The State of Oregon defines CAFOs as the concentrated feeding or holding of animals or poultry, including but not limited to horse, cattle, sheep, or swine feeding areas, dairy confinement areas, and poultry and egg production facilities where the surface has been prepared with concrete, rock or fibrous material to support animals in wet weather.”

According to Natural News, a small farm with a few acres of land, pasture, two milking cows, and some chickens can be classified as a CAFO if it includes a section of rock or gravel used as a pathway to access a small barn or coop.

“The way that they have redefined CAFOs is going to impact nearly everybody,” the rancher warns about Oregon’s “updated” CAFO definition, which impacts his property as well.

“Even on our property, we don’t have animals that are necessarily contained in one area (they’re roaming on pastures).”