(TStarnes) – Walt Disney has been cancelled by Walt Disney.

Here’s the back story:

When Disneyland first opened in 1955, Walt Disney delivered a speech welcoming people to the happiest place on Earth.

To all who come to this happy place: Welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world. Thank you.

Walt Disney
For 67 years that speech was delivered – but not this year.

Disney won’t say why they made the change, but I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that the word that triggered the woke Disney execs was “America.”

The New York Post found that many Disney fans agreed with my perspective.

Walt’s speech invokes “the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America,” which one Twitter user called “taboo” for Disney’s “woke” agenda.

“Because it mentions both history and facts, two things that are taboo to the woke agenda,” the user tweeted, adding an excerpt of the speech.

“Terrible. Today the company seems to only use Walt as a marketing opportunity and not as a guiding force. What reason they had to cut this speech? I have no idea. @Disneyland do better,” wrote another user.

Disney has been on something of a cultural purge of late – banning pronouns and gender-specific language. Guests are no longer welcomed as “ladies and gentlemen” or “boys and girls.”

They also took religious Christmas carols out of their annual holiday celebration.

Sadly, Disneyland is really not the happiest place on Earth anymore – and I blame the cancel culture mob.

“Walt is rolling over in his grave. Wokeness has infected and damaged Disney,” one user wrote.

If Walt Disney was still alive – he’d probably vacation at Six Flags.