(The Post Millennial) – Check My Ads’ co-founder Nandini Jammi has made a career out of targeting companies who place ads on websites she disagrees with. She has lately come after The Post Millennial and advertisers whose ads appear on those pages, but her direct harassment has not been without consequence.

In April 2020, Jammi was booted from LinkedIn after harassing accountancy firm Deloitte. Deloitte’s crime? Contracting with an agency of the US federal government. Deloitte was contracted with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and was accused of helping that agency conduct family separations at the border, an attempt to curb immigration.

According to VICE, these services were “mostly administrative management and general management consulting services.” But for Jammi, serving the needs of the US government was entirely unacceptable. She posted a call for whistleblowers from Deloitte to come forward on LinkedIn, asking employees to “learn more and consider blowing the whistle on your employer.” These comments were made in response to a post about an executive receiving public accolades.

So, the goons over at @deloitteUS finally had me banned on LinkedIn for posting comments about their ICE contracts w/ links to @JuddLegum’s reporting.

This was during Jammi’s tenure with Sleeping Giants, of which she was also co-founder. And that comment, asking for employees to turn on their employer, was what eventually caused her to be banned from the networking platform. After apparent complaints from Deloitte that resulted in the taking down of her LinkedIn profile, Jammi reached out to LinkedIn to ask what terms she had violated. Jammi’s account has since been restored.

“The LinkedIn rep,” she reported at the time, “couldn’t tell me which Community Guidelines I had violated other than comments ‘targeted at an individual.'” The comments she made were reportedly on the page of that executive. Undeterred, Jammi asked LinkedIn if she could continue to post negative comments on Deloitte’s company page, to further her work of slamming the company for working with the US government.

LinkedIn replied to Jammi that “the nature of your comments can become a concern depending on the situation.” They said that they would “differentiate between content posted on your own feed and content that you post on someone else’s. If you post on your own feed,” LinkedIn said, “the content of your message is very likely to be a non-issue so long as it does not break from any of our content policies (such as harassment), for example,” they clarified.

Jammi’s comments were in violation because she insisted on harassing an individual, and a company, on their pages and not simply on her own, where it would be less likely to be seen by the people she was targeting. Jammi wanted to continue posting “about Deloitte’s human rights abuses on their company posts in a factual way.” For Jammi, supplying services to the US federal government that backs the government’s ability to enforce law was a “human rights abuse.”

In response to this, Jammi reported, LinkedIn said that “It is not okay to harass, abuse, or send other unwelcome communications to people… We do not allow hate speech, hate groups, terrorists, or those who engage in violence crimes on the services.” They went on to indicate that Jammi was not perhaps “being professional” in her approach.

Jammi left Sleeping Giants, which had basically the same mission as her current company Check My Ads, in 2020. The mission of Sleeping Giants was to intimidate and threaten advertisers that place ads on conservative media sites. With Sleeping Giants, Jammi targeted Breitbart and Fox News. With Check My Ads, she’s targeted The Post Millennial, Bongino Report, The Daily Wire, The Federalist, and other conservative media sites, seemingly feeling justified that content she disagrees with has no place in the public eye.

Though she was co-founder at Sleeping Giants, Jammi said that her co-founder “did not consider [her]an equal.” This became an irreconcilable difference, and the two parted ways. Jammi, however, has continued her project of harassing advertisers to pull their ads from conservative media sites, and her tactics could in many cases be considered harassment.

Jammi makes claims without proof, such as saying that she wants to “demonetize and deplatform the people who incited the J6 Capitol Hill riots,” though she offers no evidence that any media company actually did that.

She went after a company called Criteo, and when they blocked her emails, clearly not interested in her brand of marketing, she sought ways to get around it.

Jammi, however, appears to fully back Antifa, as she has worked in concert with self-described Antifa member Chad Loder to target The Post Millennial. In fact, the targeting of The Post Millennial from Check My Ads only started after editor-at-large Andy Ngo reported on a restraining order served to Loder in September.

Jammi recently attacked The Post Millennial using an images of an Orthodox Jew, Ari Hoffman, to claim that the conservative, Canadian media outlet backs “neo-Nazis.”

This led to prominent accusations that Nandini is antisemitic.