(The Post Millennial) – A US Marine is speaking out about the fact that they were ordered to clean up graffiti on the walls and pick up trash at the Kabul airport before leaving and handing it over to the Taliban.

The messages in many cases were put there by their fellow Marines themselves, or in some cases, Marines were ordered to clean up their own messages.

The messages typically said something like “F*ck the Taliban” or “F*ck ISIS.” One piece of graffiti was reportedly a drawing of a penis and testicles in purple spray paint, according to the Daily Mail.

The anonymous Marine iterated his sense of injustice, saying “My boys had to go … pick up every last piece of trash, for who? The Taliban? It was a slap in the face to us.”

The trash that was strewn around the airport was reported to have had strategic value of the time, as it would slow any potential Taliban advance in case they were able to breach security and storm the airport successfully.

It is believed that the trash cleanup was necessary to prevent any delays in flights once Americans and their allies began to evacuate in earnest. However, the motive behind erasing the graffiti remains unclear at this time.

Long before the evacuations were able to be completed, however, things went wrong. Thirteen members of the US military were, in fact, killed in a surprise attack at the Kabul Airport as the withdrawal was underway.