(The Post Millennial) – Reports continue to surface about the background of Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, beyond the favorable light the establishment media described.

Earlier, it was revealed that she donated to Marxist-inspired groups, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and other leftist causes.

But a new story from The National Pulse uncovered Haugen’s old Twitter account that sheds more light into her Marxist-sympathizing background.

(Further verifying the @frizy Twitter account, a tweet from June 22, 2009, links to Haugen’s travel blog, as well as another linking the Facebook whistleblower to their old job at Google.)

The National Pulse dug up old tweets from Haugen’s old Twitter account:

(Feb. 15, 2009): “Awesome table of diversity at Cafe Neto: 2 women, 4 men; indian, red head, blonde, african american, and asian – never seen it in Boston”

(Feb.18, 2009): “Just bought my small cousin a bunch of comic books from the Introducing Philosophy series: Baudrillard, Focault, PoMo x3, Marx, semiotics”

(June 11, 2009): “Just walked past a man & woman fighting about money on sidewalk – contemplat how world would be different if women were $$ly independent.””

(June 23, 2009): “I am the worse seatmate ever. I have a cough/runny nose, I haven’t bathed in 2 days of moving, and I literally have an oozing wound :-(”

(Sept. 7, 2009): “Also, re: my MDW -> BOS flight: the nice thing about flirting with Brown men is they laugh at math jokes even if they were PoliSci”

Haugen’s tweet about purchasing comic books for her “small cousin” mentioned the works of socialist revolutionary Karl Marx as well as communist philosopher and pedophilia apologist Michel Foucault. In 1977, he signed a petition calling for the effective legalization of pedophilia in France, according to The National Pulse.

The exclusive article also mentioned a video with Haugen giving a talk at the 2015 Girl Geek Dinner about the intersection of product management and gender. From that title alone, it’s evident that a political shift has taken place.

Concerns over Haugen’s agenda manifested themselves in part because of the advocacy for further censorship she espoused in her testimony to Congress.

In addition, the establishment media’s treatment of this particular Facebook whistleblower stood in contrast to the many other staffers who’ve in the past reached out to investigative outlet Project Veritas.

These suspicions of politicization solidified once it was discovered that a consulting firm headed by a former member of the Obama administration is working with Haugen—as well as being represented by “Jen Psaki’s PR firm and Eric Ciaramella’s legal team,” according to Human Events.

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen publicly revealed herself as a former member of the company working in the misinformation and “election integrity” department. After the 2020 presidential elections, CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s concerns surrounding these issues quickly dissipated. This led Haugen to begin reaching out to the media and copying internal company research data.

It was the foundation for a series of exposes published by the Wall Street Journal pertaining to issues of Facebook’s algorithm, how Instagram makes teen girls feel worse about themselves, and the shortcomings the social media platform has when cracking down on human trafficking, internationally.